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Firewood – Lessons About Life

Posted by admin September - 27 - 2010 - Monday Comments Off

It’s firewood time! No it’s not just  fall or late summer, or even back to school time. It’s firewood time, and there are some life lessons here.

Firewood time is when I, and perhaps anyone else who is brave enough to admit it, scrambles to put up a big pile of firewood to be used for winter warming. This should have been done months ago! LOL.

From left to right Andy, myself and Mike

But every year I get it done just barely in time to let it dry out and season enough to burn well. And then I say “I’ll never wait till the last minute again!” Ha!

I guess that’s the first lesson one can glean from firewood or at least the way I wait till the last minute to get mine ready – procrastination is a part of life. Most of us do our best work when under pressure. I suspect we should cherish pressure. LOL.

That seasoning part is a lesson also. You see, firewood does not burn well unless it’s totally dry. If you cut up a live tree, the wood is full of sap (moisture) and that can take weeks if not months to dry out properly. So we call it seasoned when it’s become dry enough to burn. Hmmmm, I suspect this is a lesson in patience. I wonder what else I should have patience with? Plenty!

And then there is the cutting of the firewood with the chain saw. It helps to sharpen the saw blade first. Every year I start cutting and wonder why these dang logs are so hard to cut! After struggling for hours I finally come to realize that I forgot to sharpen the blade. Duhhh!!! So I then go to the garage, sharpen the blade, and then voila! Sharpening the blade makes all the difference. I guess proper preparation is another lesson here. And better yet, do the preparation first!! LOL.

So then, after the logs are cut, then they need to be split. The splitting is totally necessary because they won’t fit in the wood stove whole, and they dry out faster. Splitting holds another life lesson – don’t go against the grain! Yes, every piece of wood has a grain pattern. You can see the grain quite clearly. Try to split against the grain and you’ve got a battle on your hands. But split along the grain and you succeed easily. Success. Aha! Perhaps we should all strive to look for the grain, the easier way to do something, before we take a whack at anything! It hurts when I take a whack at a log going against the grain. I wonder what pains we could avoid in our lives if we first take the time to look things over before we ……

Work with the grain not against it.

It would normally take me about 2-3 weeks of working a few hours a day to obtain a large enough pile of firewood for my heating needs. But then God blessed me with some special helpers called kids.  My two boys are now old enough to be a tremendous help to me. I cut, Andy splits, and Mike stacks. Now we get the job done in about 1 week. Another lesson – teamwork!

But the best lesson of all will come on a screaming cold winter evening, when the sky is clear and  stars are bright, and the wind is howling from the north.  I’ll realize that all the hard work of cutting, splitting and stacking was worthwhile as I feel the warmth of the fire on my toes.

Warm Toes = Gratefulness

It’s a lesson of gratefulness.

What are you grateful about?

I suspect my dog is grateful too!

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Winter sports – great for our wellness, important for health

Posted by admin March - 9 - 2010 - Tuesday Comments Off

Wellness in winter? Perhaps you thought it was a time for hibernating.

      My son and I just returned from a long weekend of cross country skiing and ice fishing. The temperature was between 15-25 degrees each day and it was wonderful.

 Wonderful, some will ask? Absolutely. Don’t equate cold with bad. Cold is a range of temperature not an emotion or mood. Winter can and should be a fun filled season like any other. The key to enjoying it is to adapt and modify for the conditions. And don’t forget that you can use winter as a good excuse to enjoy some indulgences like hot chocolate. (Yes, this “down-to-earth” doctor  says it’s ok to have hot chocolate in moderation.)

     So, we spent a lot of time each day outdoors (but not just because of the hot chocolate).

   On Thursday, we first arrived to find a very “cool” accommodation. The heat was off when it should have been on. So, I got the furnace working and built a big fire in the woodstove.  Knowing it would take a few hours to warm the place up significantly, we decided to go to the local library where I could catch up on some reading and my son could get a jump on some homework. We also picked up a pizza and some salad for supper – a good nutrition compromise.

   I always insist on some type of greens with foods like pizza. I hope you do too!  That’s the holistic lifestyle in me. So often I observe people and families having pizza and nothing else, except perhaps soft drinks. This concept of making wiser food choices is one of several healthier concepts I explain in my book: Whole Health Healing –The Budget Friendly Natural Wellness Bible for All Ages. In the chapter called Enjoying Eating, I explain how making just a few wiser choices go a long way in both weight management and general health. This practical way of healthier eating that I support, is one of several reasons that people label me “the down-to-earth” doctor.

   The next day, we headed off to a local lake I’ve been wanting to fish for a long time. We drilled a hole in the ice and found it to be nearly three feet thick! Great arm exercise. Soon, we caught a few bluegills and perch, but unfortunately, nothing worth keeping.

    But the sun was shining, the pureness of the sparkling white snow, and the excitement made for a wonderful outing.  Some might think or say “Burrrrr!”, but I strongly believe that type of labeling is one of many traps that contribute to obesity and overall poor health. You can escape the trap by taking the attitude that each day is a gift, especially each day’s outdoor activities, and enjoying them in any way you can even if it means bundling up.

   On Saturday, we donned our cross country skis and headed out on the lake. The wind was brisk to say the least, but it didn’t take long to feel some heat when we started moving along. I’ve been cross country skiing for nearly 35 years and never tire of it. I still have the same skis! In Chiropractic College, I remember one of the professors explaining how the cross-crawl pattern of limb movement in this type activity causes improved brain activity and stimulation. Now that’s my kind of a high! Don’t miss out on it.

      There’s a chapter in my book called Exercises That Really Work – And Those to Avoid, here I demonstrate and propose that if it isn’t fun, it won’t get done.  I watched thousands of my patients in the 25 years I practiced chiropractic that struggled with purchasing exercise equipment, joining health clubs, and the self discipline of doing calisthenics. The conclusion I arrived at is this – that kind of approach to exercise fails miserably most of the time. The solution is to participate in fun, outdoor activities regularly, your entire life, and have a variety to choose from for different seasons.

   Strive to do so each and every day, settling for no less than 3 times weekly, even if it means bundling up in the winter.  That’s another step to having a holistic lifestyle. Even better, enjoy it with somebody you love.

   And don’t forget the hot chocolate!