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Natural Health Doctor Prescribes Outdoor Exercise

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Want more consistent exercise for your natural health?

The primary reason why people give up on exercise is boredom. I advocate fun and exciting outdoor activities like biking, hiking, canoeing, fishing, and hunting. Not only are these great exercise, and a wonderful component of natural health, but the fresh air and sunshine provide added benefit.

Many of you have asked for more stories of my outdoor adventures. Here is the brief and true description about one of my hunting outings in Wisconsin.

Hunting whitetail deer is natural health exercise
doctor prescribes outdoor sports


Pre-season scouting revealed only a track or two and no scrapes, rubbings, nor trail cam pictures to drool over. The gun-deer season had been a depressing lack of sightings. The last drive on the last day felt like walking through wet concrete. But then it happened; first I saw a tree branch wiggle– just the wind I thought. I heard a twig snap – nah just a squirrel, I sniveled.  Next I heard rustling of leaves – dang turkeys! But my pulse quickened and my body tensed as I noticed the brown body of a deer, the flicking white tail, and a tall 11 point rack of glory.  Trouble was it all happened in a flash with the deer leaping full stride directly at me just 25 yards away!  I quickly pulled up the 12 gauge, saw brown in the sights and let the slug fly right between the eyes for a humane harvest. 

As a natural health doctor and author for 30 years, I prescribe outdoor exercise as a vital component of wellness. Hunting wild game humanely provides a wonder source of organic meat.


Wisconsin Wellness Secret #3 -Glide the Anvil

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Wisconsin has endless wellness opportunities. Another one of my favorites is what I call “Glide the Anvil”. This has been my favorite exercise, and a part of my holistic lifestyle for more than 30 years.

And just what “anvil” am I referring to? It’s the pristine 12 mile long Anvil Trail system in the Chequamegon/Nicolet National Forest on Hwy 70 just East of Eagle River, WI.  And just how am I gliding? Well, most of the time I’m gliding, but sometimes falling as I enjoy that beautiful trail on my cross-country skis.

Constructed by Civilian Conservation Corps CCC workers in the early 1930’s, this is one of the oldest and most popular cross-country ski trails in the Eagle River area. Trails are groomed for traditional style-skiing as well as ski-skating. Several loops are available over varied terrain from easy to difficult. It’s one of the top ranked cross-country trails nationally. The system has been expanded and was made part of the National Recreational Trail System in 1978. The Anvil Trail system is adjacent to Anvil Lake Campground and also connects with the Nicolet North Trail system and to the Franklin Lake Campground via a connector trail. The Anvil is also excellent for hiking and mountain biking in summer and fall. It is also a designated watchable wildlife area, especially for Woodland Warblers, Fishers, White-tailed Deer, and Wolves.  A trail map is available at the trail-head.

Be sure and pace yourself as even the green (easiest) loop has some challenging hills. And be sure to make a pit-stop at the charming yet rustic log warming shelter at the South end complete with wood-burning fireplace. Have your camera ready, stand outside the shelter with your arm extended and hold a piece of bread or some bird seed. Shortly you’ll have “bird-in-hand” as Veery, Pine Siskin, Evening Grosbeak, Ruby-Crowned Kinglet, Nashville Warbler, Black-Throated Blue Warbler, and Yellow-Bellied Flycatchers may come roosting. It’s a bird-watcher’s paradise. Rumor has it the CCC workers started this Avian restaurant!

If the spectacular scenery of old-growth forest, crystal clean air, deafening silence, well marked and expertly groomed trails are not enough of a thrill, consider the Devils Run segment (marked in black appropriately). But use caution and better yet, a helmet as the trees will be only 4 feet from your head as you scream down that roller-coaster type terrain.

You’ll likely have the munchies so make a stop at Grass Roots Health Foods, located about half-way between the trail and Eagle River at 3440 Hwy 70 East (open 6 days a week year round 10 AM to 6 PM). And contact the owner Dave for snow conditions – PHONE: (715) 479 6299, EMAIL:

For other details like lodging, contact The Eagle River Chamber of Commerce at 1-800-359-6315.

Enjoy it,

Dr Tom Potisk AKA The Down to Earth Doctor


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Wisconsin Wellness Secret – Paddle Milwaukee

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Dr Tom and family at The Bronze Fonz.

Wellness opportunities in Wisconsin are abundant.

Enjoying physical activities on Wisconsin’s many waterways is not to be missed. It’s another wonderful and fun way to enhance your wellness with fresh air, sunshine, exercise, and absorbing the beauty of the surroundings. The adventure of exploring these rivers, streams, and lakes is a thrill that washes away stress. Invite your family and the benefits are multiplied!

I  love canoeing and kayaking and advocate it as a wonderful choice for outdoor physical fitness. Some of Wisconsin’s cities and towns hold unappreciated paddling opportunities. My favorite urban place to do it is the Milwaukee harbor. “Milwaukee” is derived from a Native American word meaning “meeting of the waters”. The harbor is where three rivers meet, all very paddle worthy and the cleanest they’ve been in over 100 years. You’ll pass within view of Milwaukee’s unique sites including the largest 4 sided clock in the world, The new Harley Davidson Museum, The world renowned Calatrava designed art museum, the historic Pabst, Miller, and Schlitz breweries, and many other vestiges of the city’s storied past.

Don’t miss out on visiting the one and only Bronze Fonz (Remember Fonzie on the TV show called Happy Days set in Milwaukee?). The life size statue is on the east side of the Wells St bridge where it crosses the Milwaukee River. Rumor has it that pinching his buttock brings good luck! LOL!

And stretch your legs by  taking a walk on Milwaukee’s splendid 2 mile long River Walk trail bordering both banks.

Dining establishments flourish within steps of the river banks with outdoor seating. My favorite is the Milwaukee Ale House, just south of the St. Paul Ave bridge on the east side of the Milwaukee River. They have a fantastic view of a rare and historic  rotating railroad bridge that is still working. Go easy on yourself with their nutritious yet delicious Island Salmon salad, but then indulge by quenching your thirst with their crisp and golden Solomon Juneau Extra Pale Ale home-brew.  Named after Milwaukee’s first mayor.

So, what’s your excuse? Make plans now to enjoy the unique God-given features of your state or town.


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