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Sore Throat Novel

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Coming soon

Sore Throat, my new thrilling historical novel is nearing completion. Stay tuned! Check out the video trailer.

Sore Throat Novel
Sore Throat Novel

Sore Throat video


Sore Throat: A New Thrilling Historical Novel by Dr Tom Potisk

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Sore Throat: mystery, romance, and the near annihilation of a trusted profession.

Health care is a hot topic lately. The world wonders how the world’s most prosperous country, the USA, can have such dismal statistics on nearly all aspects of wellbeing including infant mortality, longevity, and chronic illness.  If you’ve ever wondered why there isn’t more cooperation between chiropractors and medical doctors, why our nation’s health care system is the world’s costliest yet least productive, and why conventional medicine seems to arrogantly ignore sensible natural remedies – have I got a story to share with you!

This David-and-Goliath saga is a true tale involving espionage, deceit, deception, and covert hostility that rivals epic catastrophes. The Erin Brokovich story/movie pales in comparison as these misdeeds were not perpetrated by known criminals, psychopaths, terrorists, or corporations, but by doctors; and those antics still permeate all aspects of our society.

Allow me to introduce to you Sore Throat, code-name for an American Medical Association insider with enough moral integrity to gather and disseminate official AMA documents that outlined a covert plan to contain and eliminate their foremost competitor – the chiropractic profession.

These documents on official AMA stationery, which reveal hidden research studies, blatant lies about safety and educational qualifications, false accusations, and even a detailed step-by step plan to create public fear and discredit reliable educational institutions, all in the hopes of dominating and monopolizing the health care industry, leave one wondering if selfish greed is part of the Hippocratic Oath.

But truth prevails, and good triumphs over evil, as this historical novel follows the path of a dashing, altruistic young chiropractor as an enthusiastic student, through forbidden romance, strained friendships, challenged beliefs, misunderstood intentions, lost love, and finally a thrilling climactic near-death rescue all metaphorically illustrating the magnitude, significance, and resolution of the 1984 Supreme Court Justice ruling ordering the AMA to cease and desist their covert anti-trust actions. The character interactions and situations pleasantly illustrate practical applications of chiropractic health principles leaving the reader better educated and inspired about real wellness and healing.

American’s wellness still suffers from this sinister and still under-recognized tragedy in history.

Award winning holistic family doctor, and best-selling author Tom Potisk DC prescribes this story of Sore Throat. The healing has begun!

The one who fails to learn from history is bound to live through it again.” – George Santayana

The book, Sore Throat is targeted to release by July 1, 2013.


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