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Get Healthy The Natural Way

Dr. Tom Potisk, one of America’s top natural health practitioners, provides information and tips to help you make wiser healthcare decisions, save money and time, and become healthier. This book frees you from depending on conventional medical care alone. Dr. Potisk’s extensive training and experience, combined with his easy-to-implement instructions in this book are revolutionizing healthcare worldwide.

Reclaim The Joy Of Practice - An Advanced Guide For Advancing Doctors.

Doctors face more responsibilities than ever before. The demands of licensing boards, insurance companies, patients and even new technologies easily draws doctors away from their role as loving, caring healers. This book leads doctors on a journey of joy, capturing all the benefits that can and should come with being a doctor. Your patients will appreciate the improved you.

About Dr Tom Potisk

February - 22 - 2010 - Monday

One of America’s top natural health care practitioners, Dr Tom Potisk is a leader in his field. He was elected Chiropractor of the Year, published and lectured extensively in his community, helped thousands of patients in the holistic family  practice he began in 1985, and teaches doctors across the country. Now, with his books and presentations he shares his knowledge and experience worldwide, in practical self-care heath methods we, our families, and our doctors can benefit from immediately.

His patients call him “The Down to Earth Doctor” and he is a graduate of Palmer College of Chiropractic. He has hundreds of hours of post graduate training in wellness and certified in nutritional counseling. Besides sharing lessons from his professional training and daily clinical encounters, he lavishes his books and presentations with fascinating real-life stories, some sad some joyful, that motivate and inspire us to see health and wellness in a new light. On top of all that, he then allows us a peek into the secrets of his own family’s superior health. For doctors, he focuses on bringing more joy to their practices.

His extensive world travels to remote places, sometimes on volunteer medical missions, adds to his unique perspective. Gardening, outdoor recreation, cooking, family life and Christian studies are his other passions. He lives holistically on a farm in Wisconsin with his wife and 3 children.  His goal with his books and presentations is to improve patients lives by empowering them to make wiser healthcare decisions, and to empower doctors with more joyful practices.

For the general public, Dr Potisk offers the book: Whole Health Healing – The Budget Friendly Natural Wellness Bible for All Ages. Also, he has published a handbook for employee wellness called Wellness Wins: A Simple Guide to a Happier, Healthier Life

For doctors, Dr Potisk offers the book: Reclaim the Joy of Practice – An Advanced Guide for Advancing Doctors.

Both books can be obtained at the website http://www.thedowntoearthdoctor.com.

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To hire Dr Tom Potisk as a motivational holistic health speaker contact him at tpotisk@gmail.com

See Dr Tom Potisk’s other wonderful websites: More natural health info for the general public – http://www.wholehealthhealing.com. And marketing for chiropractorshttp://www.reclaimthejoy.com.