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Yesterday I took my 2 boys, Mike, 10, and Andy, 14, to the local movie theatre, here in the Milwaukee area to see the new movie, Diary of a Wimpy Kid. My kids have been reading the book series of the same name for the past 2 years or so.

Going to the movie theatre has always been a dread for me because of the food selections there. On past movie outings, I just bit the bullet and allowed my kids to have the popcorn with unhealthy oils and candy loaded with artificial flavorings and colors. Of course, I applied the art of negotiation and compromise I advocate in my book Whole Health Healing – The Budget Friendly Natural Wellness Bible for All Ages. If you’re not familiar with it, the compromise I advocate is insisting upon some extra healthy food item the day of the splurge to help negate or nullify the not-so-healthy item. For example, I’d make the kids have an extra vegetable portion with their next meal. Awful am I not?

In the art of any negotiation, the other party is usually expected to make a counter offer. Thank goodness, kids don’t figure that part out .

And I’d always insist on just one poison – yeah, poison. I’d give them the option of either  one soft drink, or one candy item, or popcorn. They usually choose the candy or popcorn. I’m glad because I do believe the soft drink is the worst of the choices. Every theatre I’ve been in has either a water fountain, bottled water or both. So don’t fall for the “but I’ll be thirsty” whine! But why can’t theaters offer healthy food items?

But on this outing, I decided to step up and shake the world a bit. I decided I’m going to take a small bag of healthy snacks from home, into the theatre, and let the kids eat that stuff during the movie.

Before you call the movie food police on me, you should know that I did ask first at the ticket window.

I had 2 bananas, and a container of raisins in a white plastic grocery bag and walked into the theatre with my kids. I felt nervous, and thought “this must be how Martin Luther King felt when he marched across the bridge in Selma, Mississippi! I’m starting a revolution! The difference was that I had my two kids for protection.

As I walked up to the ticket window, I noticed the young female attendant started to tighten up and squint her eyes, kind of like the security guards at the airport do if you look at all suspicious.

I said “My kids need to eat healthy so I’m bringing in some healthy snacks.” At first, there was an uncomfortable pause as we stared each other down, just like the gunfighters in the old westerns. Then she said “Let me ask the manager”.

Within moments a man appeared with pistols drawn (just kidding J). He asked what he can do for me. Again I said “My kids need to eat healthy so I’m bringing in some healthy snacks”. And again, the uncomfortable pause, as he looked downward and frowned as if somebody just took away his puppy. Before he could answer, I said cheerfully “ It’s just some bananas and raisins!”. Again, the pause and the frown, this time accompanied by a slow drawn out sigh.  Finally, in one of the most unenthusiastic, reluctant tones he said “Okay”.

The revolution has begun!


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